Every car leaves behind a legacy and contrary to popular belief the GT86/BRZ/FRS will become iconic one day. Most car guys take this platform for granted but I believe when we look back on what Toyota and Subaru built for us, we will appreciate it more in the future. So when we look back at Skylines, Supras and even Celica’s we remember some amazing examples such as the Calsonic Skyline, Castrol Tom’s Supra or Celica GT-Four Rally Car. They don’t need to be million dollar race car builds but any car that has an iconic presence that people recall in history.

I thought I would create a comprehensive list of Iconic Cars here.

Toyota Racing Development “Griffon Concept” Toyota 86

The TRD ‘Griffon Project’ Toyota GT86 is a limited edition version of the present road-going car, with candid performance and styling features promoting TRD parts and aiming to excite the majority of the rear-wheel-drive sports car’s loyal fan base.

Source Car Advice

Subaru BRZ GT300

Introduced for the 2012 Super GT season the Subaru BRZ GT300 is powered by a four cylinder boxer engine called the EJ20. It is based on the experience and know-how the Japanese marque accumulated over its years in the World Rally Championship, but also incorporates some cutting edge technology.

Source Racecar Engineering

HKS Toyota 86

There are certain projects that are best left for a while before exploring, and the HKS 86 Racing Performer is one of them. Much like every 86/BRZ/FR-S/GT86 demo car around the world, it has all been put together in an impressively short space of time if you consider that the ZN6 and its Subaru counterpart has only been officially on sale in Japan for a year. HKS are always at the forefront of JDM tuning and parts development and when it came to the most anticipated car the industry has seen in the last decade, they certainly didn’t hold back.

Source Speedhunters