Dasaita Android PX5 Head Unit Installed… Amazing!

So after running with the Pioneer AVH-ZL5150 for a while now, the sound quality is amazing but apart from the excellent sound quality and standard carplay and android auto support. There isn’t too much you can do with this head unit but for what it is… it’s 10/10 for half the price of the kenwood units out there with a 200mm size.

Track days are what we are aiming for this year and what I’ve noticed is that there isn’t many products out there that look good and display vital ECU monitoring information. The real estate within the cabin of the 86 doesn’t leave a lot of room for a monitoring setup without making permanent changes to the dashboard and other areas. I had a spot in mind but I don’t have the time, money and know how to develop and drive that project.

Reviewing whats available out there…

  • Openflash Tablet provides all the monitoring you need for an NA setup except for Oil Pressure due to the stock sensor not providing this reading. The only problem is mounting this unit within the cabin as it looks very generic and wont look OEM installed
  • P3 Gauge looks incredibly nice in the air vent location, very OEM and blends in with the cabin well. I really liked this gauge but it has one flaw, it can only display one monitor at any one time. It needs to show at least 3 lines of information to make it worthwhile. If it did this, I would of bought it in a heartbeat
  • Pivot Dual Gauge Pro for 86 & BRZ connects to OBDII and can provide 3 readings, Water Temp, Oil Temp and Volts. This was the second best option and something I would love to try in the future. It installs in the Air vent location but takes up a lot of that space making it restricting for air flow for daily driving. Worth a test in the future.

I’ve always wanted to create a custom display and Android head units seem to have come a long way. These days they run Octocore processors, 32GB roms and 4GB DDR3 ram. In other words, they are incredibly fast and customisable. After watching a few reviews, I settled on the Dasaita HA2135-v840-8.

This unit is a perfect fit for the 200mm DIN size of our cars and I paired it up perfectly to OBDLink MX Bluetooth OBDII dongle. The OBDLink MX is the fastest unit available and it’s exceptional for all intent and purposes.

Carwebguru was installed and I began customising the premium curve theme. Currently testing both Torque Pro and Dashcommand and the results are both fast and clear. Take a look at the interface below, its a work in progress but I would recommend this setup highly.