Up till now, it was impossible to get those awesome DZ Themes without downloading his pre-made Raspberry Pi images. And personally I believe those images are in fact great for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of time to spend building their own.

As an emulation hobbyist half the fun is building your own custom image. Selecting specific games based on Official Top 100 lists or personal favourites is all part of the experience. The journey needs the final touch and these themes are the cherry on top.

I managed to extract all 15 themes and I’ve made them available below. Of course if DZ doesn’t want those themes to be available outside of his images, please let me know.



Gestalt Dark

Gestalt King

Gestalt Light

Gestalt Royal

Gestalt Zircon

Neon Blue

Neon Green

Neon Magenta

Neon Red

Neon Yellow


The C64


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