86JGTS Update for 2018 TOM’S V2 Installed

Had to take a few snaps, replaced my smoke red Valenti’s with the new TOM’S V2.

So what’s next on the agenda?

  • Once I have time, I will be finishing off the interior with all the black interior pieces from the Japanese RC/G model. I’ve replaced the door handle, AC vent trim and shifter surround including the switch box. The remaining pieces include the steering wheel trim piece along with the centre console assembly
  • TRD Trunk Lip needs to be installed as well but the weather has been terrible lately
  • Still waiting for my Zele Carbon Fibre Front Lip… getting the run around
  • Finally, I need to get the engine work done since the parts are on hand but this is going to cost a fair bit including the tune. HKS EL Headers, HKS Front Pipe and TOMEI Overpipe.