Head Unit Interface Progress

I honestly love this unit but it’s only great after I completely customised it to my liking.

I also recently purchased the CarPlay dongle from Dasaita which allows me to use my iPhone seamlessly. This feature actually blew me away, it’s amazing how well it integrates with the Android head unit, plug your iPhone in and it launches CarPlay instantly.

I’m not actually interested in all native Android features, I only want this unit for CarPlay and Track Torque OBD Monitoring for this years track days, both features work well.

I’ve spent so much time modifying the interface, and it’s simple and works exactly how I want it.

Screenshots with some information.
Main Interface

Simple Carwebguru interface
1. Navigation Button – Sygic Traditional GPS Navigation
2. Performance Button – Torque Application with a custom interface created based on TRD Gauges
3. AV IN Button – AV Application, allows viewing the reverse camera and access RCA input “Not a feature I would use often”
4. Radio Button – Radio Application, self explanatory works really well.
5. CarPlay Button – Autoplay Application launches and from here can access all the usual compatible apps, Google Maps, Waze, Make Calls, Send Messages and Whatsapp etc.
6. Settings Button – Access android head unit settings, Bluetooth, Wifi etc
Bottom player controls for Poweramp, amplifier mode/settings and all applications button.
7. 86 Logo Button – Launches OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics) App.

Sneak Peek of my Torque TRD Theme V1.3 Carbon Edition